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Pool Repairs

Mike’s Pool Service’s swimming pool repair services include brushing and skimming your pool, emptying baskets, inspecting your pool equipment for leaks or faults. We also do chemical balancing to help make sure you can enjoy your pool while also having peace of mind that it is safe for your family.
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Pool Maintenance & cleaning

Our weekly maintenance service helps you maintain a healthy pool. Regular maintenance helps to keep your water filtered correctly and balanced so that the system works together in sync. We also check for cleanliness in your filtration system to provide the best pool experience.

From green to clean

If you pool is turning green, and need some help getting back to running in top shape, call Mike’s Pool Service. We will come out and give you an estimate to see if your pool needs to be restored using an acid/chlorine bath, chemical wash, or be drained and restored to it’s new condition.

About Us

Mike’s Pool Service has been serving this area’s pool needs since 2015. We offer top notch service for a low price. We are reliable and offer weekly pool cleaning to keep your pool in the best condition. We have all of the tools necessary to help with any pool repairs. We have the experience that most pool companies don’t.

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Green to Clean Service

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Our trained pool technicians are available to clean and manage repairs on your pool each week and fix any pool emergencies. We keep your pool running at peak and make sure your water is clean and ready for you to enjoy.

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Pool Safety Basics

Pool Safety Basics

Having a pool can be an amazing experience, we can't forget the basic safety guidelines.  It is good practice to re-visit these from time to time. First thing’s first: Never dive into any pool with less than 8’ of water. Diving in shallow water could result in a back...

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We offer a complimentary inspection of your pool to answer any questions and make sure we are prepared to meet any of your pool needs.
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He is the best Pool service in the greater Riverside area! I recommend Mike’s pool service to all of friends, family, and clients! He has extremely reasonable prices and does A+ work!




Just built our pool about a year ago and have used Mikes Pool Service since. They are reliable, and knowledgeable about pools. Their system is great, clean everything and then send an email explaining what they did with a picture of the pool. Our pool is always clean, and our equipment is up to date. Thanks Mike’s Pool Service!!




MIKES POOL SERVICE has been servicing my pool for over a year now. This was the most stress free summer and I enjoyed my pool more this past summer than any other because of this companies dedication to keeping my pool in tip top shape. I had zero algae issues and a spotless pool all summer to enjoy. I would highly recommend Mikes Pool Service for all your pool and spa needs. You will not be disappointed!



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