There are several factors that go into keeping your pool safe and clean for your loved ones. Mikes Pool Service has compiled a list of things that can help make sure your pool is ready for anyone’s belly flop.

  1. Storing Pool Chemicals the correct way. Keep these out of reach of children and your loved pets. A lot goes into keeping the chemical PH balance of your pool correct. Consider hiring a reputable company to manage both your pools levels and store away your chemicals in a safe place.
  2. Maintaining A Clean Pool.  When seasons change so do the steps needed to maintain a safe and clean pool. Make sure your keeping maintenance on your pools equipment. Make sure you are cleaning your pool often to eliminate debris from getting through your pools filtration system. This will help your pool stay fresh longer and eliminate wear and tear on your pools equipment. Often times a pool unkept can lead to the dreaded green color! Contact us if your pool needs a green to clean!
  3. Inspect your pools equipment periodically.  When moving into a new home with a pool make sure you have a maintenance record of how or who your pool was being maintained by. Every new home owner should have a reputable company come and inspect your pools equipment. This will help eliminate problems in the future and keep your pool operational all year long.

Mikes Pool Service has been serving Riverside California area since 2015. We pride ourselves with bringing the best standards in the pool maintenance industry. If you have any question on your can keep your pool like new contact us at (951) 237-0099