Keeping up with pool maintenance is important year-round to ensure a healthy swimming pool. One of the most important elements that Mike’s Pools will handle is the pool chemical levels. It’s easy to overlook or ignore them, but even easier to maintain with a service plan in place! This will save you time and money in the long run and allow you to focus on what is important, ENJOYING YOUR POOL.

The chemicals in your swimming pool help balance the water, making it safe to swim in. The right balance of these chemicals keep your pool clean, and protect the pool finish from discoloration, as well. Most likely, you won’t be changing out the pool water for several years and you’ll have stagnate periods where it’s not being used.  A good filtration system and someone monitoring the right balance of chemicals will help your pool stay healthy, even when you aren’t using it every day.

Keeping pool chemicals in balance and checking their levels should be performed every week during the seasons when the pool is being used. Testing your water regularly is fundamental to keeping your water healthy and ensuring a safe swimming environment.  All the guesswork is removed with a service plan from Mike’s Pools as we will be checking all levels to ensure your pool is always ready to be enjoyed.