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Pool Repairs

Mike’s Pool Service’s swimming pool repair services include brushing and skimming your pool, emptying baskets, inspecting your pool equipment for leaks or faults. We also do chemical balancing to help make sure you can enjoy your pool while also having peace of mind that it is safe for your family.

Pool Maintenance & cleaning

Our weekly maintenance service helps you maintain a healthy pool. Regular maintenance helps to keep your water filtered correctly and balanced so that the system works together in sync. We also check for cleanliness in your filtration system to provide the best pool experience.

From green to clean

If you pool is turning green, and need some help getting back to running in top shape, call Mike’s Pool Service. We will come out and give you an estimate to see if your pool needs to be restored using an acid/chlorine bath, chemical wash, or be drained and restored to it’s new condition.

Vacuum pool
Check and empty skimmers
Check and empty pool cleaner
Skim entire pool
Add sanitizer
Complete water test and balance stabilization chemicals
Backwash and clean filter as needed
Check over pool equipment for issues

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